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Ningbo Jitai Auto Ignition PartsCompany Ltd

Ningbo Jitai Auto Ignition Parts Company Ltd are locaed in Ningbo of China east .we are enjoy bringing excellentgreen and Environmental protection to world.

we are committing in supplying high quality engine parts foraftermarket:ignition coils ,mass air flow sensor,distributor,ignitionmodule,EGR valve .

Ningbo Jitai's ignition coils there are lead quality in the line .all coilspassed OE test .coil parameter are same as OE.we us best parts andmaterial,produce by our unique technology.management are according TS16949.

Most of our ignition coils passed world famouse brand company test,and saled inworld wide.

Ignition coils passed 100 cycles High and low temperature test and hours opencircle test.

We use Germany copper wire and Epoxyresin.

USA plastic material.top brand Ignition module in China.

We guarantee 12 month for every piece product.

We also supply lead quality mass air flow sensors by analog and digitalcontrol.we are aim in best one.

We are pleasure supplying fine engine parts for customers.