We supply high standard ignition coils for worldwide aftermarket.including most plug ignition coils and normal ignition coils.
We guarantee 2 years
Item life:60000-80000kms.
We develop ignition coils according OE standard.
We use best brand material .
We make main parts by ourself.
We test finished products in high standard .
Top engineers and labs support us.
We pay more attentions on produce best items.
We guarantee products and service.

Ningbo Jitai Auto Ignition PartsCompany Ltd

Ningbo Jitai Auto Ignition Parts Company Ltd was built in 2007 ,locaed in Ningbo Zhejiang .
We are aim in supplying high standard ignition coils for aftermarket .
We produce ignition coils by best brand material and parts,tested according OE,and management according TS16949.
We guarantee normal items one year and pencil ignition coils 2 years.
Our ignition coils can be well used in brand market,high performance car,Taxi car,CNG car,high temperature area .

We supply guarantee service for our customers.